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**Emails may be read and responded to by Dr. Ramani’s assistant**


Agent: Mark Turner
Abrams Artists Agency Alternative Programming Division
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Media Inquiries
**Emails may be read and responded to by Dr. Ramani’s assistant**

**Emails may be read and responded to by Dr. Ramani’s assistant**


Most frequent questions and answers

Dr. Ramani tries her best to read and respond to as many emails as possible. However, your email may be read and responded to by her assistant. Please know that both Dr. Ramani and her assistant will keep all information contained in your email confidential.

You are welcome to email asking for advice, but due to the sheer volume of emails at this point, individual replies are becoming increasingly untenable. She will respond if she is able.

Yes, please! Dr. Ramani welcomes your suggestions. Simply email them to, and then your email will be forwarded along to Dr. Ramani.

No. At this time, she is not.


If Dr. Ramani is aware of someone reputable, she will pass their information along. Because many clinicians and attorneys are not well informed about narcissistic abuse, Dr. Ramani unfortunately has limited referrals to share.


FOR CLIENTS LOCATED IN CALIFORNIA ONLY: while insurance cannot be directly billed, a superbill can be provided for submission to your insurer as an out of network provider.

$500/hour or each portion thereof.

*You may book longer or shorter sessions.

Yes, but at this time all sliding scale slots are full.

At this time Dr. Ramani is not offering couples sessions.

No. Dr. Ramani only works with adult clients.


As a policy, Dr. Ramani does not allow individuals to make appointments on behalf of third parties.

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